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Tourcom Blockchain

Tourcom Blockchain System

TOURCOM independent-travel support system utilizes blockchain to minimize control of a single entity, making the system fairer and considerably more secure. With no central point of control, sensitive information will be safely secured, and platform users will be able to interact freely without intervention.

To ensure scalability, Tourcom tokens (TCO) will be used in the platform for all transactions as well as for incentivizing active participants in the ecosystem. Blockchain’s ability to maintain anonymity of users and transparency of transactions will also contribute to the platform’s scalability.

Independent-Travel Scheduling Platform

Independent travel—devoid of constraining package deals—is not a fad but has become a preferred way to travel for many people. However, it is not without challenges. Although Independent travel is romanticized and glorified, stark reality can strike hard even after weeks of thorough research and preparation due to the lack of information about the travel destination. In such cases, going on a vacation can feel burdensome.

Tourcom travel platform facilities the arduous task of preparing for a trip: A prospective independent traveler can easily access a tailored travel schedule complete with verified hotels, activities, tours, restaurants, and etc. that reflect their interests.

Any user of the platform can post travel schedules they would like to recommend, and through reviews and feedback of other users, schedules are perfected. Then based on the criteria established by the prospective traveler, the system identifies the most suitable schedule. The traveler can even request assistance from participating travel agencies to cut costs on flights, lodging, restaurants, activities, etc.

Local Guide Matching Platform

Travelers these days prefer exploring new cultures and interacting with the locals over going on typical uneventful tours: So in search of adventures and authentic experience, they opt to travel independently; however, they often fall into pitfalls due to the lack of local information, language barrier, and cultural differences.

Tourcom helps independent travelers find an ideal local guide who can assist in experiencing the local culture without the potential danger or disappointments. Based on the traveler’s input conditions such as desired activities, hobbies, interests, and even preferred criteria for a guide, the most compatible guide is recommended by the system. Similarly, guides can also set a criteria for travelers.

Travel Companion Matching Platform: No More Lonely Travelers

Independent travel ensures complete freedom and facilitates meeting individual travel objectives but such trips can be expensive, dangerous, and lonely. Not only are travelers subjected to high prices as group rates don't apply, but solo travelers can't participate in certain activities. Traveling alone, they can also be vulnerable to crime and experience loneliness and fear.

Tourcom helps independent solo travelers find compatible travel companions anytime anywhere based on the criteria they establish.

AI (Deep Learning) Resolves Travel Woes

Tourcom platform will leverage Deep Learning and Blockchain technologies to resolve various problems encountered by independent travelers to ensure safe and convenient travel with little preparation time.

The service is supported in the early stages through matching between input conditions; however, when data compiles, Deep Learning technology will enable customization of a schedule based on prospective traveler's preferences as well as unpredictable variables such as changing weather, events, and even political/economic situation of the travel destination.

Tourcom Platform Assists Independent Travelers

Tourcom will create a global ecosystem for independent travelers to address numerous challenges they face. Cutting-edge technology will enable customized services to ensure safe, cost-effective, and meaningful travel experience.

1. Improves independent travelers’ experience through blockchain
2. Provides suitable travel schedule
3. Identifies the most compatible guides and travel companions
4. Rewards platform users for participating in the blockchain ecosystem
5. Utilizes innovative Artificial Intelligence technology to achieve customization